Main Entrances

The customer is the primary focus of shops, chain stores and department stores. Good service means great availability and easy access, while still preventing theft and intruders. The main entrance plays an important role in this and automatic entrance door solutions such as automatic swinging, revolving and sliding doors can make a store entrance more appealing, enhancing the visitor experience.
  • Handheld Accessories

    Rfid handheld, ultra-high frequency uhf and rfid set at the same time, fully embodies the high integration of handheld terminals. Widely used in documents, personnel, warehousing, vehicles, logistics and clothing management, can support NFC, GSM/GPRS, 3G W-CDMA, Bluetooth.
  • Emergency Exits

    Reliable doors are a necessity, as well as free evacuation pathways in emergencies. Emergency exits and intelligent panic exit devices allow shoppers and staff to exit safely, without letting anyone who is unauthorized in.

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